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TILE Vegalux

When the performance is allied with simplicity.
The photovoltaic system integrated Wegalux is a simple and harmonious to the roofs of high quality, particularly suitable for properties located in landscaped areas.
Patented and certified in compliance with the green building is characterized by low environmental impact and toe technological innovation through the use of photovoltaic cells built into an interlocking pantile polymer, which can be mounted very simply with the other floors.



These products fall into the solutions HIGH ARCHITECTURAL INTEGRATION INNOVATIVE.
The profile photovoltaic UNIMETAL for various types of coverage, it is the best system functional/Aesthetic to produce electricity.
The thin film enables the complete integration, and thanks to the amorphous silicon produces diffused light and not by direct radiation, allowing its use on inclinations including from 3° to 60°, adapting to all gradients.
The photovoltaic modules UNIMETAL guarantee 80% of the rated installed power after 20 years of operation, do not pollute, do not require fuel, and exploit the inexhaustible solar energy contributing to the electricity needs of the industrial, civil or agricultural.


Innovazione Tecnologica Innovazione Tecnologica Innovazione Tecnologica



Fully integrated solutions with shells and GENUS INTEGRA and GENUSINTEGRA PLUS
+coverage + fixing + ventilation space. tailor-made for the professional ...